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Aug 21, 2006

~~^~*//oMg AzNs\\*~^~~

so just because my buddy xd came to town, i made dru come out with me on a Friday night... to Next.. which ended up being AZN like you wouldn't believe.. i was sorta embarressed to be there. (ps. we actually had no choice of picking a place to meet up since xd was rolling asian dudes deep..) when me and dru arrived i was like... wth, they charge cover? caucasian clubs don't charge cover.. then once we went inside, omg so scared. me and dru proceeded through the smoke filled crowd, chatted a bit, when i realized that I was probably smiling way to much for this scene. dru then told me to put on my hardcore emo face. so the club was full of AZNs but not entirely packed. so with the high number of AZNs in houston to the number of people actually at next. you would assume the chances of running into.. i dunno ex's would be low. aparently not so. ran across 2 of mine and 2 of my lil sis jenn's. it was a night of avoidence, to say the least. thanks to dru for always pointing me in the right direction when needed. but the dancing like nobody was watching made up for it. for the most part. oh and making dru's hair stand up was fun too. please see the before and after shots below.


after (so maybe it was a lil too crazy)


Anonymous said...

haha.. i know how much you love them AzNs!

Anonymous said...

good lord 2 ex's in one club outing!