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Aug 17, 2006

________ emo.

went to the mall the other day and met up with dru and his lil bro. while in line at express we somehow got into the following conversation after discussing the resemblence of dru's lil bro's old hair style to that of trick's.

dru's lil bro: who's trick?
dru: the ultimate emo guy
dru's lil bro: like 'dashboard emo'?
dru: yeah, actually no, she's 'dashboard emo' (pointing to me)
me: yeah i'm 'dashboard emo', and trick is 'i love you but i've chosen darkness' emo.
dru: (nods in agreement)

since there seem to be different variances of emo here's my breakdown (sans band names) for persons that i know:

trick = all things emo plus a dash of goth emo
issa = acoustic and sometimes punk emo
dru = indie + sometimes happy can be emo too emo
d = studio but so not proverbial emo