This is where the hungry come to feed. For mine is a generation that circles the globe and searches for something we haven't tried before. So never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay the welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It's probably worth it.

Mar 31, 2008

shoppings, too close for comfort.

this past weekend was the grand opening of the newest and i think only outlet center to be considered to be in houston (does katy mills count?). with it's extended hours, and opening on a thursday, i figured it was my best chance to go without the super crazy crowd that would be there starting friday evening. after a lazy evening, i finally decided to take a 'drive' to see how far the new outlets were. it ended up taking me just 10 minutes from my house to parking the car at the outlets, and it was still quite busy for after 9pm on a school night. the store list was not bad, though there were a few stores i've seen in the san marcos/roundrock centers that i would've liked to see here. but i am anxiously awaiting the rock&republic store to open. i pretty much skimmed the storefronts, and saw a line just to go into coach (ridiculous). with it being so close, i'm sure i'll be doing some midweek evening shopping. now i just need some suburban shopping buddies.

Mar 25, 2008

anime matsuri 08

anime matsuri. this past weekend me and T, and me and Dru (+ dru's bro) went to the local anime convention known as anime matsuri. it was it's second year in production, and i think it went off much better than last years ..although i missed the concert this year.. (T_T)
anyways.. i was really wanting to dress up this year.. and well the weekend before the con i finally decided what me and dru could dress up as (he was forced to cosplay) feeling slightly feisty this year with all my working out for the marathon and closing in on 30, i decided to show more skin than i ever really show. we ended up going as Talho and Holland from Eureka 7, i looked them up because Nirigilis the japanese headliner band has a song in that anime. I made my outfit in a matter of days.. plus the bootcovers and belt.. all handmade. and i sewed on the white patches onto dru's jacket. i'm pretty proud of the outcome.. considering i've never really made clothes before.

me and T went on friday (i wore the infamous roo suit.. so i went from completely covered on friday.. to my mini skirt and halter on saturday), to look around and see the import car show, where i just so happened to see people that i knew from way back.. who were showing cars at that time.. of course they've moved on up from sup-ing up civics to now sup-ing up 300s, bmw's, and having lamborghini's and bentley's in their crew. but pretty much with the dj and the car models, it was just so 1999.


saturday was the day of the up and down. the most memorable moment was some guy coming up to me saying his friends were trying to guess my age... so i in turn asked him how old he thought i was.. his answer, 16. i laughed, my brother laughed, and so did dru and his brother.. so i said. no... i'm 27. i've never seen someone run away so fast.

talho and yu kanda

Mar 17, 2008

as long as it's fried...

this past weekend a few of us headed to the Rodeo for incredibly delicious but bad for you foods.. which is the only reason my group of friends go to the Rodeo. * we met up jeannie just long enough to snap this photo

because we had heard of the parking nightmares when going to the rodeo, we opted to ride the ligh-rail.. it was a first for all of us.

Once we arrived the 4 of us immediately began eating.. our list of consumed foods included: turkey legs (1 fried and 1 smoked), bratwurst (x3), roasted corn (x4), corndog, millennium chips (with chili, cheese, bacon, and jalapenos), funnel cake, fried oreos... i think that's it.

D managed to stop by every concession along route to add more mustard and/or hot sauce to whatever he was consuming at that moment in time. ( i think i know what to get him for his birthday.)

and games were played... while money was lost. :(

Mar 3, 2008

san pellegrino <3s my ribollita

doesn't that ribollita look delicious.. yet familiar?

a couple of weeks ago I got an email on flickr from someone who is in charge of the san pellegrino sites, asking for permission to use that photo.. of course i said si, grazie!

after looking over that section, it seems the webmaster picks most of their images from flickr. pretty neat.