This is where the hungry come to feed. For mine is a generation that circles the globe and searches for something we haven't tried before. So never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay the welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It's probably worth it.

Feb 28, 2008

beach house bachelorette.

went to freeport over the weekend for my pledge sister odette's bachelorette party. we played a mystery murder game, a scavenger hunt, and just played catch up. it was surprisingly super tame, which is probably just a reflection or our age. i didn't quite get to get in the sun that i was looking for but it was still great seeing everyone again.

cheers to a marriage tax break!

Feb 27, 2008

test subject.

i meant to post this awhile ago.. but it's pretty much a repost of what dru already posted on his blog.

so dru recently bought a light kit, to move forward in his dreams of starting studioDru, or Drutography, or TIGFOtography... whatever name he decides his photog business to be.

anyways 2 weekends ago, he decided it was finally time to set it up and test it out, and i so happened to be there, and yen just so happened to show up as well. (we had preplanned a gossip folks gathering).. after taking a few test shots with various light scenarios (1 light vs. 2 lights vs 3 lights) we headed out to Catalan for some wine/drinks and $12 bone marrow.

Dru always manages to capture great photos, but when they're of me, it's 1 vs 100.
this time was a rare event.. of course he's taken some of my fav photos (ie, profile photo on cliff and the infamous 'rap video' photo)

Feb 17, 2008

recent eatings.

dru says i don't blog enough, but that he's satisfied with me at least food blogging. so be satisfied!

samgyeopsal - i had heard good things about pork belly (and it pretty much being bacon) i just had to try it myself. we wrapped all of the above in pickled radish and lettuce topped with some ssanjang (seasoned soy bean paste). i thought it was quite tasty.

vday dinner - T requested korean (since it seems to be my specialty lately) so we had kalbi (short ribs), seafood kimchi jigae, and green onion pajon. the house smelled like korean bbq until yesterday.

pidan congee - for brunch today, i reverted back to my roots with some thousand year old egg congee, along with various sides.

Feb 14, 2008

happy [heart] day.

above: rum truffles (hearts), frangelico truffles (hazelnuts)

i celebrate valentine's day as if i were in japan.. passing out chocolates to coworkers (all dudes).

hope you all have a great valentine's day.

Feb 11, 2008

excuse me miss..

"..but do you have another form of id? no rly."

it's unfortunate that the line above will be something i remember from my 27th birthday. but seriously i need to not let it get to me any more than it already has. time to get over it.

moving on, saturday was my birthday and i was surrounding by my OMGBFFs and a few other good friends/coworkers. dinner was at REEF, and well afterwards, you can read dru's blog for the details there.
anyways i had a great time being with my friends, as gatherings like these are always a great reminder of how awesome your friends are... and well my friends are the awesomest.

oh and i got 10 bottles of soju/sake for my birthday.... i guess to go with all my kdrama watching.

more on flickr.

Feb 1, 2008


my first attempt at this korean street food.