This is where the hungry come to feed. For mine is a generation that circles the globe and searches for something we haven't tried before. So never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay the welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It's probably worth it.

Oct 31, 2006

photo recap(s)

dru's b'day festivities.
daytime. renaissance festival.

we started the day fairly ontime arriving around 1pm. lasting until nearly 6pm.
the thing i remember most is eating. yeah i think that's all we did.
that and play some silly games. beating each other up in celebration.

nightime. dinner at julia's bistro.

we thought we'd stray from the norm of eating sushi on birthdays.
so we ended up at julia's bistro, which consisted of latin american foods.
dru is laughing in the photo below because of the exhorbant bill price
that he stuck us with. the night ended there as short notice of
goings out to a costume party left 5/6 of the party without costumes or cash.


i went in the un-sexy costume of a roo. but i was still cute dang it.
i made this super huge pakupaku panda for mr. rocks to wear..
but it was so hot.. and sorta heavy.
you can read a recap of the office halloween festivities hosted by
yours truly (the offical IT event coordinator) here.

Oct 30, 2006

king of the log.

pictures from the renaissance festival later.

Oct 23, 2006

birthday boy

saturday we celebrated Renji's 1st birthday... it started off slow and slightly disorganized because of the fickle rain. but it ended up being good times for both humans and dogs alike.

I even made a dog friendly cake for the birthday boy and his friends.. and it certainly seemed like the bulk of them liked it!

but the treats weren't limited to the dogs!

Oct 18, 2006

i have been bamBOOzled.

this bag of halloween treats was mysteriously placed in front of my doorstep monday morning by an anonymous neighbor. aparently they're starting a new tradition here on "wisteria lane" (which i affectionately call our neighborhood, because of the resemblence to the houses in the victorian/traditional style as shown on desperate housewives) . Enclosed was not only the treats, but a boo sign to display on my front door or window, and a poem mentioning that i had just been boo'd and to keep it going by passing 2 boo's to 2 neighbors who hadn't yet been boo'd. and in passing along these 2 new boo's while not getting caught.

After work i went to a few stores to gather some goodies, and had prepared my boo gifts. I had the plan of sneaking up to place the gifts on 2 neighbors doorsteps after 9pm. The hubby and I headed out the front door with renji (our cover) only to see that someone was outside.. i quickly disposed of the boo gifts on the porch and went to make small talk with said neighbor.. i think he suspected us for plotting something.. but what. we walked renji for a bit until the neighbor went back inside then went back to the mission. it was exciting and enthralling. reminded me of mission possible from college. the next morning i could see my boo gifts on their doorsteps, but by the afternoon one of them had been found, and the other remained untouched. possibly a little too camoflauged and hard to distinguish from their own halloween decor on the porch. but by this morning it was gone. happily found i hope. it made my day receiving that boo bag.. because i love geeky things like this. and i hope that i made 2 other peoples days.

::my boo gifts:: which included a pumpkin spice candle, autumn oven mit, and candies.

Oct 17, 2006

she beckons, and i oblige.

one of my little friends (no pun intended) insists that i update on my weekend since she was not present to experience it with me, because she was off with her man on a mini holiday in dc.. which is nice and all, except for the fact that my weekend had little excitement worth writing about. so here will be my mundane weekend update.
saturday. spent the morning doing not so much but awaitng dru's call, since we had planned to play since the hubby had a boys bbq/poker/ufc night at a coworkers place. when 2pm finally came around i decided to break down and give dru a call, only to get his voicemail. the thought had crossed my mind to leave a message stating, "if you don't call me back in 5 minutes our 7 year friendship is over." too bad i didnt. but he did call me back approximately 30 minutes later. so then his first words are "Where have you been??" and it played back the other way as well.. so it ended up being slight confusion on who was supposed to call who and a wasted morning for both.. after touching bases with each other. (not those bases) dru arrived with lil bro and we were off to memorial city.. in the hunt for awesome frames. unfortunately the hunt was not so good. and we pretty much headed back home of rest for a few hours prior to the what seemed to be spontaneous nightime outing.
saturnight. after a series of phone calls between me, linlin, and yen. it had been decided to meet up in midtown, between red door (linlin's club du jour) versus decco ('ol reliable)... along the way somehow linlin interpreted to me that she was only going out because yen said she wanted to go out, and when yen arrived she told me she was only going out because i had wanted to go out. strange things. anyways red door was ok for about 10 minutes. then it got boring. fast. 20 minutes later linlin arrived, 10 minutes after that yen left, 30 minutes after that me and dru left. but not without stopping into decco before leaving. and in decco there was the chung brothers and dancing. so it ended ok. and the dj played sexy back. (dru made me go up and request it).

Oct 16, 2006


most of you probably know my keen ways towards home decor, especially during the holidays...
here's a little halloween holiday spirit for the indoors.

Oct 8, 2006

more peektures than words.

went to our friends child's 1st birthday party at meyer park for lunch. and it was perfect weather and the kids were adorable.

later that night, despite sickness we went to celebrate roz's birthday... (i'm a soldier, and i fake smile in most of the pics below.)

Oct 4, 2006

october already!

well september has came and gone.. and it's already october, and fall for that matter.. even though it doesn't feel like it. this week is actually unusually hot, and this week i think i have come down with a slight cold. terrible. but moving on, october is importante because it holds the birthdays of two of my bests.. as well as renji's!

roslyn - 10.5
renji - 10.25
dru - 10.26

very important dates to remember. anyways this weekend we'll be celebrating roz's day at a wine bar with a full house (she has 35+ friends not me). i also have our friends baby's 1st birthday party to attend during the day. lots of things to be done prior to that.. like gift hunting. a fun filled weekend it will be!