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Apr 28, 2008

your subtleties

[left: before | right: after]

i've been wanting to color my hair for awhile now.. less than a month ago i attempted to lighten it myself with some semi-permanent color to try it out.. but instead of lightening it, my hair actually got darker. COLOR FAIL.

so this weekend i finally made an appointment at the salon for a color change, the stylist suggested all over highlights to break up the black, to more of a medium brown, caramel-y color. my appointment was at 11am, and i didn't get out until 3:30pm. i guess i do have a lot of hair.. the end result? well with inside lighting you can't tell too much, but it's much more brown in the sun/natural light. it's a subtle difference, but i'm satisfied.

[edit] the hilarious part was when the hairdresser first took out the foils and there were blond streaks, he was like don't worry girl i'm not gonna turn you into one of THOSE AZN girls.


christmascarol said...

i've fallen asleep during highlightings before.

i love the "COLOR FAIL."

hiero said...

looks good! and look, you have face pictures posted! you must like it!

issa said...

haha.. funny expressions.. have made the photo postability higher.