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Apr 17, 2008

skinny fat.

i wish the photo above was of me, but sadly it is not. i wish my abs looked nearly as good as that while standing, let alone sitting. today me and dru had a discussion about belly overhang when you sit, i see no overhang in that photo, given she is sitting up straight and most likely flexing. but do you think her physique is too excessive for a girl? i feel like i have gained a layer over my stomach over the past weeks*. while i must admit, that my workout habits have gone downhill since completing the half marathon. it's quite sad, and i know i need to really get back into routine, since full time training will begin again mid-summer (sign up is available now for next year's marathon). currently the plan is to redo the half marathon for a better time, unless i get talked into doing the full 26.2 (doubtful).

* am i delusional? most signs point to yes.


Dru!!! said...

gross man, not feminine at all. Might as well make out with a man.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Dru. We're gonna need a CHEEZBURGER here for this musclez girl STAT!

christmascarol said... & you think alike. i don't think those are gross at all! :((((

hiero said...

weeelll, i don't think it's quite manly, but I think a little less cut abs on a girl is more sexy