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Apr 10, 2008

the unfeminine feminine.

i have horrid sitting posture at work. well i don't actually have great posture in general, for someone who considers herself quite feminine. growing up my dad used to always try to get me to pull my shoulders back, to prevent me from slouching, i guess i'm not as much of a sloucher (except when sitting) anymore but i definitely don't make the conscious effort to walk with my shoulders back, chest out. i mean my friends call me martha, but i think the properness only pertains to party hosting and decor. once i arrive at work i kick my shoes off and my feet never touch the ground. my legs are always tucked on the chair with me. i'm also usually slouched low enough where you can't even see that me behind my monitors.. the lights in my office turn off multiple times a day because well, i'm just too ninja.


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