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Apr 4, 2008

bottoms up.

when packing for vacations, i like to make sure i have a few great basics that i can easily mix and match tops with.. so that i can ultimately pack lighter... and buy more. :) so with a vacation coming up, i went ahead and picked up these 2 items this past weekend.

the first, the interlock highwaisted skirt from american apparel (in asphalt). it was my first time in the store, and i just so happened to come across the skirt on their website (which i never look at), but i saw it in one of their ads that shows up facebook, funny i know. anyways i still find aa as being overpriced cotton basics, and the store to be very sterile and cold, but i really like how the skirt can make everything look like a dress.. and i loves me some dresses. plus, i think it'll travel well.

the second, denim shorts from target. i've been looking for some denim shorts for weeks now. and it's either the wrong style, color, but most often the wrong fit. i've really been wanting a longer denim short with pleats. these didn't quite meet the longer side, but at least they're not the super short ones either. the pleats are very subtle and the color is not as dark as i'd like but i think they fit pretty well, and at target prices.. i'm sure i'll get some good use out of them.


Dru!!! said...


christmascarol said...

oh wow, you HAVE been blogging a lot! :)

i like that skirt...maybe i'll go check it out soon. i think it'd be cute with a racerback tank too!

issa said...

@ carol!

yes! i have an yellow racerback tank that I plan on matching it with as well as an eletric blue tank. :)

hiero said...

the legs look good *thumbs up*

christmascarol said...

yellow! i'm still in love with yellow clothing (although canary yellow seems to be so hard to find). btw...when i saw hiero's comment below, i was like WHO IS THIS PERV....and then i realized he's a friend of yours. hahaha.

issa said...

HILARIOUS... yes slightly pervy comment though.. thanks dham.

and yeah.. it's so hard to find the right yellow... :(