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Aug 29, 2007

the clock ticks on.

august has gone by quickly.. this weekend marks the beginning of september. i can't believe how quickly the "summer" has gone. italy doesn't seem that long ago. but quickly it went. i can't wait til our next vacation.. i'm longing for those days of being somewhere completely new. the feeling of experiencing the unknown is refreshing.

this past weekend we held a welcome back bbq for jeannie. unfortunately i didn't take any photos.. but with dru photog on board, i'm sure there will be excellent photos soon enough. it was the first unofficial mdp event. i'd say it went accordingly and successfully. afterwards me and dru headed out to the mfah mixed media event, to see miho hatori from cibo matto, she was pretty good, but the band before her (glasnost) was much more infectious. although after listening to their demo disc and myspace page.. it was concluded that they are 10x better live. they need to fire their studio mixer guy. we also went through their red hot asian exhibition where i expected dru to do cheesy museum pick up lines like "that painting isn't the only thing that's well hung here... eh, EH!" there was also karaoke. we didn't try it. after that we went to bellaire for some late night foods at cafe fu fu. insert [ slow service ] here.

also if you're in the mood for some choice tunes, check out trick's music blog. i'm diggin the film school.

and that's that.

Aug 20, 2007

'nuff said.

dwight from the chron tech blog said it best.

Aug 17, 2007

say girl, say.

The Flattery Standards.
so dru and me had a discussion a long while back.. and apparently both have decided to blog about it.. his take will surely be up later today. it all started after a night at Sammy's and linlin mentioning that when an 'ugly' person hits on you it's like non-flattery, or even lowers ones self esteem. of course dru was like no way is being hit on ever non-flattery. i on the other hand believe that there are different levels of flattery which can be achieved (yes i am comparing it to um.. a game.. and leveling up. sW337!). yet, i am certain that these levels vary from person to person. for me being hit on by severely underage kiddos, leaves me with a disgusted feeling in my stomach and almost embarrassed, definitely 0 points acquired. (Ofcourse dru will counter this). Another example of non-flattery, is being HOLLA'd at by construction workers or lawn people, again 0 points. but seriously both of those genre of guys hit on anything female with two legs... hmm.. kinda like someone else i know. Moving on, it is flattering to be hit on by age appropriate normal guys, and the level of points earned depending on how 'normal' that person is. for maximum flattery points, the person would have to encompass your ideal qualities for the opposite sex, and they should also be hot (being hot never hurts). oh and the person cannot be your significant other. husbands hitting on wives, and vice versa is like 0 points. :P but dru will say, people who get hit on a lot lose there sensitivity to flattery. i'm not sure about that, i mean i definitely don't get hit on very often (i am nowhere near lvl 70), though i do think that girls are way more susceptible to being hit on than guys. so i guess from the guys perspective, being hit on at all is flattery no matter where it's coming from.. so do you come here often?

Aug 8, 2007

two weddings and furosato.

so we're back from edmonton after a week long trip for T and a long weekend trip for me. it was a hectic 5 days with both the weddings going on plus helping to set up for one of them. both were lovely albeit on opposite ends of the spectrum. one was on lovely irish wedding at a ski lodge with open bar all night, i'm sure you can picture this already... needless to say, somebody got a little tipsy and it wasn't me. the sunday wedding had a beautiful Christian service and elegant dinner at the petroleum club. i can speak for the both of us when I say that we returned home extremely exhausted. oh and I can't forget the wonderful dinner we had after I arrived thursday night, at furosato, they have by far the best beef sashimi I have ever had. and yes, dressing up two days in a row isn't bad either. but seriously, all you really want are pictures.. (i think i have more.. maybe i'll add more later).

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