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Apr 14, 2008

hello beautiful.

i've been thinking of upgrading my guitar for several weeks now, and breaking a string on my johnson finally gave me the reason to hit up a few guitar shops... after initially testing out a few, i was amazed at the sound quality of a guitar just barely more expensive than mine. the sound quality on the johnson is slightly laughable, but it has been good enough for me, especially to learn on. and with it's high action, it has definitely strengthened up my fingers for more difficult play.
for some reason, i've had my heart set on obtaining a takamine guitar. (it might be because howie day plays with takamine's along with several other
musicians) i tried out a few other brands like yamaha and seagull, not that these guitars didn't also sound superb, but i didn't want to decide until i tried a takamine. it ended up that the shop that i dropped my guitar off to get restrung was an authorized takamine dealer. i tried several... the sound was so full, and the action low, playability factor was so many times better than the johnson. it was pretty difficult to decide after trying out several models.. finally it was final round time and i told the sales guy that i wanted to see that one again.. pointing the acoustic/electric one that was on an awesome deal. his reply was oh? the beautiful one?

needless to say, the beautiful one went home with me.

takamine eg333c - limited edition


Anonymous said...

That's more than a BBQ!