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Apr 2, 2008

menu of menus

last night we (me, T, dru.. and dham was there too!) went out to the Houston Press Menu of Menu's at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. with over 40 local restaurants passing out samples, and with what seemed like even more wine booths with an additional scattering of beer, rum and vodka booths... it was an interesting night. i did notice plenty of booths had ceviche.. yum. and for $30/ticket, it wasn't bad, and the crowd which seemed to be a pretty good mix leaned more towards the 35 and under singles crowd. and the clothes went from casual to work to dressy to ineedamanpart2. the only downside was that it did get pretty packed, with a sold out crowd of 2000, and the lines for some of the food booths were a little long (most places ran out of food). amongst those 2000 i ran into several people i knew.. which seems to be the trend lately. overall it was a nice night of something different and i think it's something we'd plan on going to again.


christmascarol said...

somehow, i always think it's dusty inside museums so i try not to open my mouth in them.

however, menu of menus sounds reallly cool. too bad austin doesnt have something like that (in a cool location...not the palmer events center)

issa said...

@ carol...

true, but austin has all the fun outdoor events! i never thought about the dust inside the museum of natural science.. though i think i would have much more enjoyed the event inside the museum of fine arts... at least then i would have looked at the exhibits, instead of just eating amongst stuffed dead animals, and quartz minerals.