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Feb 6, 2007

Verticons and Anime Emoticons

received an entertaining link from a friend today... from Phil Factor's Phrenetic Phoughts.. too bad i didn't come up with this myself. just thought i'd share. (hit the source link for the actual post and code)

Well there I was trying to think of an idea for a blog (u_u) when it suddenly occurred to me (*_*) that I should do a nice little SQL function on Emoticons. It was a happy thought (^_^) which made me smile (n_n). I was amazed (^.^) and astonished (*^*) sometimes incredulous (o_O) at the variety of manga emoticon (verticon) around. Call me an old fool if you like, (>xI'd never felt the need to add emoticons to my writing (ñ_ñ). My problem is in remembering them (O_O). I get a bit confused by them. (p_q) However, I now find them enormously useful *(^O^)* as many people who use english as a second language find my irony, sarcasm, hyperbole and invective entirely incomprehensible. (-_-;) I suspect the other bloggers will be jealous 8(>_<)8 at my new cool powers of communication (ò_ó) I was a bit apprehensive (._.) about the time it would take to write a function to interpret them
True enough, typing them in sas boring (=_=). At one point, I felt sleepy (z_z) and I must have dozed off (-_-) at the keyboard m(_ _)m. I woke up with an inprint of the keyboard on my forehead.(X_X) Glancing around \\(<.<>.>)// I realise I'd still not finished the blog entry (>_<) which made me cross (ò_ó). Oh dear, no blog entry (._.) and the editor would be cross (¬_¬") mad (ò_ó) or angry (>x< !). My readers would, on the other hand, be sad (T_T), possibly even crying (;_;). Well, certainly one or two might be miserable (!_!)
Oh dear, better get on with it (-_-;). Actually it wasn't too hard w(^o^)W, after one got over the initial shock (/_\) so here it is finished (^_~). (^o^)y