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Feb 24, 2007

isight fun [serious]

isight photobooth = xtreme time wasting.

quick recap + ramblings.
well february has flown by..
i can't believe it'll be march already. we've just been going through the normal routine, and doing various forms of entertainment with friends and family on the weekends. i have been keeping up with my running and working out again..and enjoying the weather in the process. we celebrated chinese new year (a week ago) at my parents house.. red packages included. :) and this past weekend we had neighbor's over for dinner and some wii time. fun was had by all. now we're counting down the months/days for our european vacation. although there's still lots of planning left to do.
last night i had a dream where i was frantically shopping for cup cake icing sets. yeah i know. which later switched to a dream where all my friends apparently got new jobs (including me)... and all at the same company.. in a futuristic downtown building.. even jeannie was there!
that is all.

[extraneous isight images removed. too much issaface was here]


Notsomysterioso said...

friends not us game night! Treachery!!!!!