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Feb 14, 2007

<3 day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

valentine rambling.

my aim was to find the geekiest 'valentines' to pass out to my coworkers. between these , these and even these, i think i succeeded. oh and i made them paper boxes.. along with the chocolates i put in them. i am the best coworker evar. (photos below)

so on monday, i come back from lunch and my work 'roomie' was on the phone.. trying to order a sapphire. i was like.. awwwweee, albeit sorta short notice on purchasing his sweet a valentine gift. i hear him discussing the model number he was interested in and the color brilliance. After he finished on the phone, I asked 'so ordering jewelry for valentines?' he was like wha? video cards for mine and my girlfriends computers.. sapphire is the brand. i really should have known better... sad thing is, that it probably IS the valentine gift.


Michael said...

Wait, what?

He has a girlfriend?!