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Feb 7, 2007

can you hear me now?

me: ...
him: i don't understand.. maybe if you used words.

apparently i have a speech impediment. i am talking about my digression of speaking out loud. and i am blaming this on work. because well... 90% of the time i do not actually have to physically talk or even see anyone here. our means of communication is pretty much done through through IM. which sometimes makes me wonder if my presence in the office is actually needed. as i could just as easily do the same work at home.. if i had access.
office bff has on more than one occasion mentioned my trailing off while i talk. it's subconscious perhaps.. or it's just me being not used to talking, at work. but the truth is that while i'm at work.. i actually prefer 'chatting' online.. it takes less energy. and i don't have to look at someone (yeah i have a thing about avoiding eye contact too) and hear my own voice while doing so. now that i think about it, perhaps it's because that i don't actually see most of my coworkers on a daily basis that i am still not that comfortable around them and i am still that shy. actually.. that's probably it. because with my friends and family, i'm as loud as i wanna be.
next time my coworker suggests for me to take a public speaking class.. i should insist upon a glass of wine instead. (this has been proven to work wonders)

IT for social ineptness FTW!