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Feb 12, 2007


since i've graduated from UT, i've been inclined to be the occasional food snob. blame the hubby for wining & dining me throughout our courtship. and with Houston's fairly nice restaurant choice.. of frequent openings and closings (RIP - Aries).. here's a list of some notable and sometimes pompous and elitist houston restaurants.. listed in no particular order and only as they pop up in my head (sans chain type restaurants.. though some are equally delicious).. many still in the waits for me to try.. strike-thrus = already conquered.

Rouge, T'afia, Mark's, Gravitas, Glass Wall, Noe, Mockingbird Bistro, Julia's Bistro, Mint Cafe, Max's Wine Dive, Chez Nous, Le Mistral, 17, Lauier, Zula, The Brownstone, Pic, Dolce Vita, Backstreet Cafe, Indika, Hugo's, Ibiza, Da Marco, Damian's, Brennans, Jean-Geoges Bank, Quattro, Shade, America's/Churrascos/arista , Ouisie's Table, Rainbow Lodge (closed), Cru, Catalan ,Vin, Bistro Moderne, REEF (i'm sure there are more.. but my mind is blank)

of course the mom and pop shops are sometimes much more yummy.. and without the pretentious service.

Tom's Boat, Oishii, Sandong Snacks, My Parents House...


jstar said...

rainbow lodge isn't THAT great..
ok maybe i think that cuz i went there with a certain someone whos name starts with a b.. gyah!

Anonymous said...

most those places are over rated and over priced!