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Feb 13, 2007

birthday madness*

*the photo montage above depicts 'chatty issa w/friends' also my blinking speed often exceeds camera shudder speed, all of which can be easily confused with being 'tipsy'.. but i sooo wasn't.

with my birthday on a friday this year.. i had weekend full of celebration.. and good eating.

friday. the actual day of the birth of yours truly. - went to work, ate sushi with coworkers, dinner with the hubby at Mai's. (absurd I know, but i was really craving that soft shell crab)

saturday. - spent the day shopping with the hubby, then dinner with friends at dolce vita pizzeria & enoteca, followed by hue for some nightlife.

sunday. - birthday dinner with the family.

photo evidence from saturday night.. (click to enlarge)


Hanh said...

oh this blog is pretty nice. i like the header!!! =D and did you know that when i showed up late to the dinner, i was feeling a little outta place. and i was asking everyone: coma? coma? are yall having food coma yet? ;) the prosciutto looked good. i forgot what it's like to have cured ham. i miss wine.