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Oct 11, 2012

dirty little secret #1 - extreme couponing

so everybody knows i'm up for a good deal when shopping.  i mean have you checked out the Secret Sales pinterest board me and Tramanh share?  it's mainly a mix of high-end items with a few supa cheap good deals mixed in.

after seeing an episode of extreme couponing over a year ago - i was intrigued.. and so began my slight merge into good deal shopping to home goods and groceries.  it's almost the same thrill as shopping  the sale section plus scoring an additional 50% off at checkout.   like a contest. how much can i save??  what percentage? my high point so far is 50% off a grocery bill at krogers..  some good work there.  also now i know it takes time and a plan beforehand.  Amazingly it's simple enough with all the websites out there dedicated to couponing. who knew right?

it was a bit confusing at first - what with all the different stores coupon policies, target lets you use one target coupon + one manufacturer (SWEET), Randall's still doubles coupons up to 25 cents, Kroger is face value but also has a way to load some to your card, and now even Dollar Tree takes coupons. srsly.

latest haul:  total spent $4.16

Quick tip deal:  Cover Girl purple eyeshadow  -  $0.14 for 3!

  •  Make sure you add the one that is $3.14 - it doesn't seem to pop up right away so you'll have to click on the right hand side that says more buying options - select the Amazon seller.
  • When you check out (or go to edit shopping cart) you will see a “Clip Coupon” option for $3
  • Clip the coupon!
  • And then go ahead and select the FREE Amazon Prime Shipping option (if you have it otherwise you have to buy $25 worth of qualifying amazon items to meet free shipping), and you’re done!