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Feb 11, 2009

Scott Tycer's Textile.

I was lucky enough have an entire weekend full of birthday celebrations.. to ring in my 28th.
It started friday with dinner at Scott Tycer's Textile. Previously, of Aries.. which was probably my favorite restaurant in Houston, and not only because of the remarkable food and outstanding service, but for sentimental reasons as well. It was one of the first fine dining establishments T took me while we were dating.. and where I had my first taste of foie gras! Eventually, Aries closed, and despite Tycer opening a few more casual dining restuarants.. it wasn't the same. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Tycer had opened a new establishment based on tasting menus. T decided it would be the perfect place for birthday dinner. He made reservations well in advance (the restuarant only seats 28 and serves from 6:30-9:30, so reservations 2 weeks in advance is the norm) he was decked in an all reiss outfit and i in my vintage-esque silk max&cleo dress with my louboutins. once we arrived, it was indeed a small space with a bar near the door that could seat two, it had a simple clean decor, very intimate, with one maitre di to take orders and explain each dish, a brillant bartender who mixed me a ginger/whisky cocktail that i really enjoyed, and a sommelier. we decided to go all the way by ordering the 7 course menu prestige of the night.. as opposed to the 5 course or a la cart.

the amuse bouche was a delightful mushroom bite, followed by the first course - squid, spanish mackerel over hydro greens with house bonito. the saltiness of the bonito was really what topped off this dish. the next course was serrano ham with carrots and peas in a carrot consumme. it's amazing how the simplest of ingrediants can seem so exquisite. 3rd course was english turbot topped with monkfish liver over romaine. the monkfish liver had a surprisingly similiar texture as foie gras.. unfortunately not likewise in taste. it's not that it was bad.. more that it was subtle. the other flavors in the dish were definitely needed to expand the dish. especially the parmesan crust that laid on top. the pallet cleanser was a chocolate bonbon filled with a very tart sorbet. i would have almost asked for seconds. and then after a dramatic pause, the main dish arrived.. waygu rib-eye seared to perfection on green peppercorn bread. T gobbled this up.. but did have a little chat with the maitre di about how it was good.. but it was no kobe... he concurred. With the main dishes out of the way, the first of the ending courses began with a cheddar cheese from Borough Market, along with kumquat jam and other mini tastings.. this cheddar was much saltier and smokier than your normal cheese.. and aged well much more like an asagio and completely delish. next was a 'white chocolate hot chocolate' simply pure liquid white chocolate.. so a bit too sweet for my taste, but i'm certain more than a few would enjoy it. lastly, a potato bavarian, apple sorbet along with apple chips.. this was quite an innovative concoction and not for traditional dessert lovers. it was an interesting mix topped with a crisp potato skin on top. before clearing the table the maitre di brought out a plate of a variety of inhouse bon bons.. including the most amazing smoked brownie. i mean seriously.. how do you smoke a brownie? either way i must experiement.

after the meal, the maitre di asked us if we'd like to take a look at kraftsmen bakery before leaving. we of course obliged, and he proceeded to give us a private tour around the bakery and kitchen. allowing us to taste some freshly baked brioche along the way. the bartender also noted that we could stop by anytime without reservations to have a cocktail or two. overall, it definitely made for a special dining experience.

i should note that eating at textile is tad bit pricey.. possibly the most expensive tasting menu in town. although the menu is constantly changing and when we go back i'm sure we'll try the 5 course or a la cart. T would much rather have more mains than sweets anyways.

611 West 22nd Street,
Houston, TX 77008


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