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May 27, 2008

the villa.

upon arriving, we met up with a guide from the agency that we rented the villa from. he was going to take us to the villa or more like lead us.. since we rented cars. previously when we all decided on this villa, it seemed to have all the essentials, plus a gorgeous swimming pool. the only thing was that it was approximately 25 minutes away from the main town dubrovnik. once we began on our way we drove to the small town of gruda, then began going further in, and up higher and higher a mountain to dubravka. it seemed endless... how far were we going.. how were we going to remember how to get down the mountain.. eventually we arrived. and the villa did not disappoint.. though the distance at first did.. we were at one of villas closest to the top of the mountain. it ended up being maybe a 40 min drive to the main town from the villa. not because the distance was so far, but driving down the mountain at slow speeds as well as the two-way roadway. after getting used to the drive, we really appreciated the contrast in scenery from being in dubrovnik to being in such a remote area.


hiero said...

awesome, sounds like those roads would've been fun on a motorbike ;)

issa said...

we totally saw a ton of motorbikes actually!

hiero said...

psssh,, I see no pics of said motorbikes!