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May 28, 2008

an 8 hour tour.

day 4 can be described in one word, amazing. we chartered a sailboat for the day which included a crew of 2 to take us around the elaphite islands. this was by far my favorite day of the entire trip... just sailing around in the adriatic sea.. it was relaxing and just fantastic. the day started out a bit chilly and overcast...

but eventually the sun came out and T's mom even took a quick swim in the adriatic sea, despite the frigid water temperatures. and i was able to soak in some sun on deck.

while sailing around we saw these fishermen, who happened to own the restaurant we were headed to for lunch on the island of sipan... once we ported we noticed they had also arrived and were pulling out their catches.

seafood platter... can't get any fresher!

for the whole trip so far we had been using the engine, because of the lack of wind... but the captain decided to pull out the sails momentarily so we could experience it.

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hiero said...

it MUST'VE been a good day, look at you with your full face out in the photo like that, without sunglasses no less!