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May 27, 2008

dobar dan!

day 2. all of us took a flight from gatwick airport, destination: dubrovnik, croatia.
before we left, whenever i told people we were going to croatia, about 75% thought it was the weirdest destination possible.. because for many the first thought that pops into their head when they hear croatia.. is war torn country. true, but it's been years since then, and i had heard many stories of how beautiful it is.. so i was intrigued, and really pushed for it as a location for the trip. plus, T's mom wanted to do a relaxing group trip, and since none of us had been there i thought it would be a great place to experience together.

after arrival, we had some issues with our rental car. BUDGET FAIL. they had all the large rental car agency's at the airport, hertz, avis, enterprise, etc. all with multiple people manning their booths. but of course the budget rent a car desk was empty. go figure. good thing we didn't have to pay upfront. luckily we just as easily rented a car from someone else. and headed to the villa (more on the villa later). after settling down at the villa we went to dinner a local restaurant in the konavle area famous for it's exquisite location and history called konavoski dvori as suggested by the villa owner. as we walked in me and T immediately noticed that everyone in the restaurant seemed to be locals, and was staring at us. we assumed they don't get many tourists at that restaurant.. let alone asian ones. after that bit of uncomfortableness, we got seated and had a pretty good first meal in croatia.

i ordered the local ham (like prosciutto) and the local favorite octopus salad ( i almost ate all of it before i remembered to snap this photo)


hiero said...

wow, the octopus looks great!@