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May 31, 2008


day 10. we spent our first full day in paris exploring the 'must see' sights. we started by walking to the notre dame, then walked back towards the louvre but not before stopping into a few shops on rivoli st. and then strolled through the tuileries, picking up by far the most delicious panini along the way. from there, the arc de triomphe didn't seem so far, plus we'd get to stroll down the champs elysées.

after taking some photos and stopping in the louis vuitton store (not cheaper in france), it was decided that the eiffel tower was close enough to walk to. by this time we had walked all day and once we got to the vicinity of the champ de mars, the only thing either of us wanted to do was sit.

we relaxed on a park bench for a bit before searching for rue cler and finally settling on a place for a very late lunch where the food was fantastic. there were a few things i knew i would have to nosh on while in paris... escargot, foie gras, onion soup, pat
é, crepes, creme brulée, and steak tartare. of course i checked every item off that list, sometimes twice. though, i was a bit nervous about the steak tartare, which was pretty much marinated raw ground beef. they serve it with worstershire, tabasco sauce, and fries... and well.. we actually liked it a lot!

foie gras pat

steak tartare.

we ended up taking their underground back to the marais district and spent the rest of the evening wandering the streets...


hiero said...

mmm, steak tartar