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May 27, 2008

old town dubrovnik

day 3. after a late start, we made our way to the old town part of dubrovnik. the old town is surrounded by a protective wall, no cars can drive in and there are only a few entrances to walk through. we explored rather quickly, after walking down the stairs of one of the entrances. the old town is definitely a tourist stop, but it's not overly packed... yet.

after briefly walking around, we decided to do our main goal... finding a a place to enjoy lunch. we decided to pick a place in the old harbor recommended by the timeout guide.

grilled squids. looked delicious, but could've been tastier.

seafood risotto. not italian risotto, but still pretty good.

after lunch we stopped by a local grocery store and headed back to the villa to bbq for dinner.
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hiero said...

dude, squid looks amazing, shame it didn't taste better