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Oct 17, 2007

trickbesoreal but issarocks.

during the austin trip, we got to meet up with the lil bro and his girufrendo (they match so absolutely perfectly). anyways i haven't seen him since a year ago when i saw him for maybe 10 minutes at Emo's. we've decided lilbro/bigsis convention will increase by 5 minutes each year. (actually i just made that up). we are one of the few big sis/ lil bro combos that still keep in touch past the years of obligated friendship (just kidding, we met pre-obligation). trick is my link into the world of 'the good stuff' when it comes to muzak. and he's still one of the coolest people i know... now maybe he'll paint me something.

look at how much we haven't grown (ok maybe only i haven't changed):
photos circa 2000
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Anonymous said...

we are reverse aging. but yeah, wow best entry ever!