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Oct 29, 2007

a drutastic weekend.

dru's birthday celebrations tend to last longer than the normal allotted 5 hours most other omgbff members get. but that's ok, because this weekend was awesome to the max!

friday night we started off with dinner at artista, for overpriced américa's fare with less selections on the menu.

followed by the musical Avenue Q at the hobby center... which can be easily described as a saucy puppet show. i was quite skeptical at first after hearing the song list (ex. it sucks to be me, everyone's a little bit racist, and everyones favorite the internet is for pr0n) and reading the description from wiki, despite it beating out wicked for the tony for best musical of the year after its first year on broadway, but it was actually quite entertaining and a lot of fun! I highly recommend it for the not faint at heart.

no birthday night is complete without a trip to a club/lounge. so off to deco for us, for drinking and dancing.

saturday (and here is where the story will surely vary in levels of details)
anyways dru wanted to attend a halloween party so that he could gawk at all the scantily clad women, and he wanted to drag me and jstar along with him. previously jstar had brought back mike & sulley costumes for her and dru from japan, and apparently bao had first asked them what they were dressing up as and they suggested for him to be the little girl boo, after bao immediately hung up they decided on giving me a call. ye of little faith dru didn't think that i would go, but i agreed unknowing that i was the alternate choice. so after running around most of the day in an attempt to find a big pink shirt, i ended up with kid pjs and looked like i was dressed up as a kid from the 80s. so nighttime came and we were off dressed as the 'most conservative' or 'least sexy' of the night. when we arrived the price gouging had already begun with cover at $20. we paid and went in despite our displeasure. the place was quick to fill up of tons of people we did not know. and dru kept mentioning the costume contest throughout the night, until a girl with a clipboard came by and asked him if he wanted to sign up for the contest, and of course he did (again despite our displeasure). he insisted that we had to do it because it was his birthday. on the registration form it said that we would have 15-30 seconds of 'fame', to which dru began choreographing a dance for us. so we ended up in the group costume contest with teletubbies and a bunch of sexy girls. while jeannie unencouraged me by saying, "i'm glad i'm not melissa, at least i can hide under my hood". the single/couple contest was first where we saw that they would play hiphoppa music for everyone.. and all the sexy costume ppl did sexy dancing. the outlook was bleak, we were almost certain we would get boo'd off stage. then when the group competition begin, the sexy girl groups kept getting boo'd off stage one by one.. and hope peaked through ever so slightly. i mean the teletubbies made it through.. so we're one of the last groups to go.. dru rushes us out there and we do our sweet dance moves. (i never look out in the crowd the entire time) and in the end the roar of the crowd was cheers not jeers! pushing into the next round of the final 5. 10 more seconds of ridiculous dance moves and the final cheers for the winners were estimated by the hosts. we amazingly came out in 2nd place. it was surreal. though we totally could have taken 1st. we got beat out by teletubbies. but hey we totally took sexy back and came out with the $500 prize. i think there were a lot of predators in the audience that night.

and sunday we had omgbff day in the park. grilled burgers, chicken and fish. barbie cupcakes for dru, and touch football.

dru says: DO NOT WANT

i'm totally exhausted.


Anonymous said...

WOW, not everyone gets a three day birthday party!!!!