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Oct 15, 2007

sigma girls night.

so this past weekend we had a sigma girls night up to austin for the night. a good time was had by all, except the trip was way too short... (oh and we didn't get to eat crepes, and i didn't get to drink wine)
ofcourse we did manage to do all the things you'd expect us to do during a girls night (sorority girl edition)...

like get together with other sigmas

and go out downtown

and drink

and take silly photos

and eat

oh and last but not least...

have a pillow fight.

and then get cleaned up.


Yvonne said...

incredible memories issa. i'm seriously glad your camera was there to document the a-maize-ingly yellow pillow fight and our water conservation tactics. i'm feeling (kelly) green already.

christmascarol said...

i like that floral dress you have on!!

issa said...

thanks!!! it's actually from forever :)

christmascarol said...

A LOT of my stuff is from forever :)