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Oct 26, 2007

style A_D_D.

when it comes to my sense of style i think i have A.D.D. on wednesday i went from a lil bit rock to a lil bit prep on thursday. i was actually quite determined to wear a different jacket everyday this week, but midweek the weather warmed up. actually it warmed up by midday each day. so i nixed that idea, but continued taking a daily photo. since we have no strict dress code at work (guys wear hats, shorts, i wear jeans and my reefs) and since an average of 5 people see me a day, i like to 'test out' outfits at work, before giving them a spin IRL. ps. yes i did get the idea of taking these photos from fabsugar's lookbook.

fri_below: i have since removed the scarf. i need scarf tying lessons. *edit* added friday nights outfit