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Oct 2, 2007

on the road to 13.1 miles

first workout update after officially signing up for the 1/2 marathon.

wed_ 3 miles in 28 min.
thurs_ weights, abs
fri_ stretches, squats
sat-mon - sick :(
tues_ 2 miles in 18 min
40 ab side reps w/ 12 lb medicine ball
3 sets of 15: squats, stability ball pushups, tricep dips, hammer curls,* reverse row*, L lifts* (12lb weights*)

1 set 10: incline press* (my arms were tired)
wed_ 4 sets of 20 - stability ball crunches w/medicine ball, bridge pose
2 sets 15: overhead extensions, tricep skullcrushers, calf raises

sun_ 5 miles (nonstop!)


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