This is where the hungry come to feed. For mine is a generation that circles the globe and searches for something we haven't tried before. So never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay the welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It's probably worth it.

Jul 30, 2007


In keeping with the on-again, off-again tradition of eating in fine dining establishments from issa's list of places to go on special occasions, we ventured to Indika to celebrate T's birthday.

and now i present to you issa's first restaurant review... Indika. 516 Westheimer.

we arrived to a pretty packed valet parking lot, entered the dimly lit restaurant which seemed slightly different from what i had pictured in my mind. the ceilings were high in a very lofty warehouse-esque atmosphere though it was quite loud inside because of this. a good place for a group outing, proven by the abundance of group tables around us. the saffron colored walls and dark tables were lovely. and despite reading some bad reviews about the staff, i thought they were very attentive.

for drinks, T got the anarkali cocktail, which was a pomegranate + ginger type concoction, neither of us really enjoyed the mix of flavors in this drink it left somewhat of a bitter after taste, so he downed it and ordered a glass of red. i on the other hand ordered the madras mojito, a indian rum mojito topped with guava puree, served in a glass brimmed with salt and red pepper. this drink was exceptional.

for appetizers, T ordered the goat brain masala served on naan, with a side of melon chutney. when the order arrived i was slightly disappointed that it didn't actually look like a brain, but i quickly got over that when i tasted some. being asian, we have eaten parts of animals that you would never find on any mainstream restuarant menu here in the US, and probably not one with valet parking. needless to say, i was not at all deterred to eating goat brain, which was nothing at all like fish brain (yes fish have brains. tiny ones.), though it was more similar to consistency to fish eyes, but less gummy.. if that makes any sense to you. it was creamy, but not overly, and the masala was so spicy that it left a good burning in my mouth, which was perfectly matched with the melon chutney to cool off the flames. i ordered the seared foie gras with fig chutney served with semolina bread. i cannot hold back when i see foie gras on a menu, and especially at this indian fusion restaurant, what foie gras lover could resist their favorite with a new twist. the foie gras with a touch of indian spices just melted in my mouth with the sweetness of the fig glaze. it was remarkable. i was sure we both didn't want the appetizers to end.

for entrees, T ordered the grilled lamb chops with lamb vindaloo, he cannot resist vindaloo sauce. the lamb chops were grilled to perfection, though T did not think they meshed very well with the lamb vindaloo on his plate. separately they worked wonders though. and the vindaloo was even more fiery than the goat brain. i on the other hand ordered the naan encrusted goat curry. it came out looking like a huge pot pie. i cut it open removing the 'naan crust' as it really didn't look too appetizing. the goat was quite tender and the sauce was good, but not great. but i do prefer a little tartness to my curry, which is why we both prefer vindaloo. T was able to finish his entree and clean up the rest of mine for me. We were both thoroughly stuffed, and satisfied. T commended my selection of the restaurant and requested that we return, though not any time soon. there are so many other restaurants for us to try. although i know for certain i would definitely order my drink and appetizer again, i'd have to take a second glance at the entree menu, or perhaps do a whole meal on just appetizers.