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Jul 16, 2007

office camaraderie

i'd like to say out of the perks of the job, one of the most important is a good rapport with coworkers. here is an example of a work-related conversation.

issa says (9:47 AM):
where is the addressee stored for addresses?
office dad says (9:48 AM):
i believe on the delivery table?
issa says (9:48 AM):
i'm sorry that answer is incorrect, please try again
issa says (9:48 AM):
office dad says (9:50 AM):
office dad says (9:51 AM):
looks like it was moved from PersonAddress to Delivery
issa says (9:51 AM):
it's not storing
office dad says (9:51 AM):
btw, u lose
issa says (9:52 AM):