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Aug 8, 2007

two weddings and furosato.

so we're back from edmonton after a week long trip for T and a long weekend trip for me. it was a hectic 5 days with both the weddings going on plus helping to set up for one of them. both were lovely albeit on opposite ends of the spectrum. one was on lovely irish wedding at a ski lodge with open bar all night, i'm sure you can picture this already... needless to say, somebody got a little tipsy and it wasn't me. the sunday wedding had a beautiful Christian service and elegant dinner at the petroleum club. i can speak for the both of us when I say that we returned home extremely exhausted. oh and I can't forget the wonderful dinner we had after I arrived thursday night, at furosato, they have by far the best beef sashimi I have ever had. and yes, dressing up two days in a row isn't bad either. but seriously, all you really want are pictures.. (i think i have more.. maybe i'll add more later).

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