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Dec 12, 2006

i scoff at your challenge.

because two in one day has already been done. but fine, because of your duel update (get it? duel.. touche!) i shall update too.

so this past friday was our neighborhood christmas party aka "progressive dinner"... pretty much a few people (3-4) volunteer to open up their houses (to show off) and to be the main host for a course of the meal. "appetizer house", "entree house" and "dessert house". we went last year so we were veterans... last year we went to it unknowing of how it would be meeting all the neighbors for the first time.. after the night ended we had bonded with most of the neighbors in attendance, and with a wine distributer in the neighborhood supplying us with never-ending bottles of wine, followed by two ice chests filled with beer and drinks which were pulled along, as we walked from house to house, glass in hand.. we learned that "christmas party" should be aka "drunken debacle"... ok well not that harsh.. but it was definitely so much fun, that i couldn't wait for the next gathering. so i was way excited for this years christmas party..
it started out pretty much the same, a little slow and quiet, greeting old neighbors and meeting newcomers to the event. (only about 12 couples come each year, and usually the same ones) after everyone had arrived, and the wine started pouring, you could see everyone in little groups chattering about this and that and nothing in particular. eventually someone would motion that it was time to go to the next house.. where everyone would continue chatting in the streets as we walked over to the next location.. the entree house was decorated to the max, the cornish hens were delicious, and the company was delightful. by the entree house you could tell which neighbor's had already drank multiple glasses, as voices got louder and neighbors that generally just wave hello got friendlier. finally the dessert house, which was at one of the newer neighbor's houses, lots of cakes and hot cocoa... and peppermint schnapps. we decided that there definitely needs to be more gatherings. there were 2 others this past year.. but even that didn't seem to suffice. we decided that we finally need to have the neighbors over.. as we had already been to a few other's homes. might as well open up our doors.


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