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Dec 6, 2006


i am wearing my glasses... at work. usually i only sport these when i drive at night and feel the need to be a responsible driver. or when my eyes feel strained (this generally occurs when it is overcast yet i can still feel the uv rays hitting my eyes). and once in awhile, like today, i sport these brown/plastic framed candies underused glasses at work, because my eyes are tired. why are they tired? perhaps it's the neverending glow from my two viewsonic monitors, or the slight yellowish tinge of light shining from my smallish ikea table light, or because plainly i work with the lights off (but really those harsh florescent ceiling lights would be so much worse). whatever combination it may be.. (most likely it's staring at the same test matrix for hours on end). i think that subconsciously, the glasses come out when the outfit arises. and once they are on super-magically transform me into some emoific stature that was not noticed prior to their arrival. it's like clark kent and superman. glasses make him more socially inept, emotional, wears ties, and with less styled hair. without them he is mr. popular, full of confidence, wears primary colors, and has hair full of gel. yes i think glasses do this to many. my striped sweater vest swears to this.


Michael said...

Your glasses only keep the stigma that you attach to them. For instance, I think I look a lot better without mine, but I wear them because I don't like having migraines and even poorer vision.

Visual health is not a fashion statement!