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Dec 15, 2006

happy holidays!

now that the christmas cards have all been sent out, i guess i can appropriately display all of the chosen photos from our christmas photo shoot with my favorite photog dru. i had decided well into summer that this year we were going to take christmas card photos. and i had the bright idea to stray from the norm, of posing with matching sweaters, etc. i wanted them candid magazine quality, with a vintage 1950s feel. my inspiration being the brad & angelina W shoot... i told dru months in advance that he would have to take our christmas photos, and to think of some poses too. ofcourse i would attempt to assist in the art direction of the shoot as well as wardrobe. we actually only did a few poses.. and i really wanted to do this pose on the right... maybe next year! anyways the result of the shoot was quite positive. after some manipulation of the photos for better contrast and color, the photos turned out nicely. below are the finished products (sans pictures from previous entries).. click to enlarge.