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Sep 28, 2006


i think i'll blame the urge to cook korean last night from my sudden influx of watching korean dramas as previously stated. either way i was quite impressed with my meal spread for a work night, and as a matter of fact it didn't take me that long at all. and it was more than satisfying to say the least. i know dru is bored with my random food blogging on here so i will spare the space by not including recipes on here. but doesn't mean i can't show it off. everything from scratch.. except well the kimchi. sure i was lacking by about 6 side dishes.. but it was a wednesday and i had a lot of tv to watch.


pampers said...

damnnnnnn!!! that looks madd tasty! =)

Mantastic! y Los Fantasticos! said...

that rivercity ransom picture qualifies this as BEST.ENTRY.EVER.