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Oct 4, 2006

october already!

well september has came and gone.. and it's already october, and fall for that matter.. even though it doesn't feel like it. this week is actually unusually hot, and this week i think i have come down with a slight cold. terrible. but moving on, october is importante because it holds the birthdays of two of my bests.. as well as renji's!

roslyn - 10.5
renji - 10.25
dru - 10.26

very important dates to remember. anyways this weekend we'll be celebrating roz's day at a wine bar with a full house (she has 35+ friends not me). i also have our friends baby's 1st birthday party to attend during the day. lots of things to be done prior to that.. like gift hunting. a fun filled weekend it will be!


supermantastico! said...

friends with babies NOT ME