This is where the hungry come to feed. For mine is a generation that circles the globe and searches for something we haven't tried before. So never refuse an invitation, never resist the unfamiliar, never fail to be polite and never outstay the welcome. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience. And if it hurts, you know what? It's probably worth it.

Sep 20, 2006


this weekend was packed full of nonchalant ungroundbreaking moments in real life... but fun nonetheless, and perhaps even memorable

all of the following events occured on saturday, september 16th:

woke up particularly later than usual, but drudgingly dragged myself out of bed, only to position myself in front of the television.. thereafter, the husband proceeded to make a light lunch for us both while watching the korean movie 'my girl and i' which follows the rules of korean dramas with a terminal illness and lots of tears. with a heavy heart, i decided i'd better start my afternoon which had been slightly preplanned as a dress shopping day with roz. ofcourse the second i called roz, so happened to be the exact moment at which she arrived at work. so i had a few hours to kill, and off i went to run errands, which consisted of finding a table cloth and candles... because you can never have enough pumpkin spice scented candles. and i needed a table cloth for the upcoming potluck on our brand new dining table. (i really wanted a table runner, but not enough time to find 'the perfect runner' so i settled for now)
immediately after returning home, off i went to meet roz in rice village. where i blocked traffic trying to make a left turn on University, and subsequently found parking in the shadiest lot there. saturday turned out to be extremely hot, and walking around rice village was probably not the best idea. i'm sure i looked like i had gone swimming when we got to my car. on a good move, we decided that shopping should continue.. indoors. at the galleria. i'm not sure if this was really a shopping trip, than more of a window shopping to kill time and wish that we made bigger salaries trip. yeah i think that was it. after the galleria we made our way to oishi, which is the most bang for your buck sushi place in houston. it was more than just satisfying to say the least.
upon returning home i spent the next hour and half trying on, retrying on, and pacing my closet.. trying to determine what to wear out.. and deciding that i have absolutely nothing to wear. i haven't, in a good long while purchased any clothing strictly for the reason to 'go out' in. well since practically college. so all 'going out' clothes from that period seems rather small and skimpy to todays standards. so i went with going casual... since the place we were headed to for Maria's pre-graduation party was called 'buddha lounge'. after waiting 30 more minutes for dru to arrive we were off to start off the evening.. only to find out that 290 was shut down, and us still having to pick up roz and eric. we took the back roads and picked up all participating parties and ended up safely at the location (not before teasing the valet by slowing down right in front of them, then speeding off to a parking spot). buddha lounge ended up being just that. strictly a lounge, but full of a more "mature" crowd of caucasians. and the vip area was rather compact.. which got old faster than an apple product.. so the crew was unanimous at continuing the night elsewhere. destination: the lounge, 5 minutes later i get a phone call that the destination has changed to venue. to downtown we go, to a club that nobody aparently knows how to get to, and when we find it. we're too lazy to look for parking, and pay cover. so destination: deco, and i'm pretty sure it's about 1am by the time we get inside. and deco was unusually busy on this night. and we saw quite a few familiar faces both welcomed and unwelcomed alike. afterwards yen really wanted to get something to eat.. so we went to Mai's only to be defeated by the long line to wait for a table. replacement? Jack in the Box. with an almost equally long line in the drive thru. once the food was purchased we went all ghetto and ate it in the parking lot like the hoodlums we are. the night has been dubbed. the.longest.night.ever. and i'd have to agree. for now.


bringingofcongealedbloodtopotlucks said...

"small and skimpy"?! Have you blown up since college? I think you should bring back the butterfly outfit. It's retro now.