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Sep 8, 2006

it's the formula.

Lately I have been hooked on watching Korea 'dramas', i guess i have jumped onto the bandwagon.. and it seems of the ones that I have seen 'rooftop cat', 'my name is sam-soon' and most currently 'full house'. rooftop cat/full house have a similar premise.. with some revelance in sam-soon as well.

  • average chick with attitude ends up in not so good situation but meets popular dude also with attitude and a bit cocky.
  • average chick and popular dude end up in a situation that requires them to be in constant close proximatey where they annoy the heck out of each other, and bicker to no end.
  • all the while, popular dude is after popular chick whom likes popular dude #2, and at this time average chick begins liking popular dude.
  • popular dude #2 begins to like average chick, which brings popular dude to find out he likes average chick too. so both dudes like average chick and popular chick is left out.
  • popular dudes will be distinguished by one having long hair and the other being clean cut.
  • average chick will constantly be angry and start huffing and leave mouth open for extended periods of time.
so it seems in Korea it rocks to be the average chick.


DruBu!!! said...

korea? Trust me, it's paradise

jstar said...

i watched my lovely samsoon recently, too! (the two guys were H-O-T!)
now im watching "winter sonata".. gosh i jumped on that korean drama bandwagon..and i cant get off! i have no drama of my i need other people's drama to keep me company.. haha

pixelbath said...

I guess it makes the shows more accessible to korean girls, since most of them are sub-average to average.