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Sep 13, 2006

the amalgamation of me.

the other day i was thinking about how i just like too much... maybe i need to focus on one thing... or not. here are some examples. of the random and sometimes contradictory things that make up me.

issa says:

yay training!! i'm the panda with the light saber.
Marko says:
use the force young panda-won

so i have been reviewing a few projects at once. and as i have been back and forth to the dev aka timoteo's office, i have left a panda on his huge dry erase board, dispersed amongst a jumble of code.. i have left 4 so far. one holding a stick pointing to a group of code. hence the panda with light saber reference above. besides getting geeky references and laughing along with my coworkers whom i make fun of for being total l337 gamers, the fact that i can understand l337 sp34k 4nD @l50 74lk 1yK3 7hi5 is as far into dorkdom than i want to become. i have more own range of dorkiness, being anime. _ub3rd0rk_

so saturday was a busy day with friends. had our 'married couple' friends over for lunch. then roz and d came over for dinner and to watch the game. it was actually quite the homemaker day for me. entertaining, home cooking, and going to a craft show too. got some ideas from the craft show, but i still need to head to the fabric store so i can start making a halloween costume for the hubby. last sunday i went to hobby lobby and saw that they had all their fall decor out and were almost done stocking for christmas and i was ecstatic, time to decorate. and over the past week i decided upon some awesome crafts to make, i can't wait. _domesticatedDiva_

so saturday night dru (whom has enlisted me as personal stylist A) stopped by before going out, and i 'styled' his hair for him. yay! on sunday went to the galleria with my mom to begin the hunt for a dress to wear to my cousins wedding coming up in november.. helped mom find some possibilities.. whereas i have spent an absurd amount of time keeping up with the trends, checking out runway shows online, but there was no luck for me so far. i blame my size and/or cashflow. but i will continue that hunt with roz this weekend. _pseudoFashionista_

so i have a variance of music which is pretty much as much of a variance of my interests, depending on my mood will be the choice of my music. sometimes emo, sometimes alternativerock, sometimes r&b, sometimes trance, sometimes jazz, and sometimes opera, etc. i especially like to listen to the crooners while i'm cooking or am at home relaxing. i often get quite a few cravings mainly for things like pate and brie and hor'derves, with my favorite appetizer being foie gras (seared).. i'd like to think that i have impeccable taste when it comes to music and foods, which is probably far from reality... but listening to opera and eating some stinky cheese and fruit makes me feel that much more magniloquent. _ part time (music snob + food snob) = pretentiousBastard_

there's probably other things about me that are equally random that have not been included. but these are all the things i can think of at the moment.


replierofmaybeoneviteinvitations said...

wow, finally a real update!