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Aug 11, 2010

there's just no need.

my coworkers periodically sends me random links.. much like dru.  except these aren't always funny and sometimes political.  and usually the politcal ones. are just plain ridiculous.  to the point that gets me so annoyed, mainly because the comments are just too ridiculous and no purpose.. and pretty much just insults.  and if you know me i don't get worked up over things. nor do i like too.  
see following example:
 a video of some crazy lady going rage time on some mcdonald's employees because they can't serve her nuggets before 10am?  so the video itself is pretty crazy.  WHY are the comments all about democrats

'Wow, when I first saw this, I thought it was another Dem politician being asked something important by a reporter with a brain. '
given i guess it's the site it's on.

then there was this:,CST-NWS-sweet09.article

an unbiased news site depicting Michelle Obama's recent trip to spain.  i was wondering why my (republican) coworker sent this to me, because it didn't sound like it was bashing her trip more on the lines of describing it and even a defending it a bit.  then yesterday when i read it i got down to the comments, where they were pure ridiculous bashing, angry and racist comments.  i was like WHY.  so much hatery on the internetz.