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Aug 12, 2010

chinese foods - pork

stewed ground pork with shitake mushrooms and wood ear

simply made as the above ingredients are stewed in a pot of broth, soy sauce, sugar, rice wine, and star anise.
the next day i added in some hardboiled eggs.. so good.

bok choy with enoki mushrooms

flash boiled then stir fried, added broth and cornstarch for gravy.

pickled pork hock with scallions (a fave of ours)

preboil the hock for about an hour with star anise and garlic, let it cool, dice it up in bite size pieces then mix in with some vinegar, rock salt, and scallions, let chill and add more vinegar as needed. a slightlayer of gelatin will form on some pieces.  so delicious. and good texture.. like al dente pigs feet.