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Aug 9, 2010


we ended june with a quick trip up to austin with friends for some trailer food and trick art.  all of which (for the most part) were excellent.

places we ate on saturday:  flip happy crepes | home slice | odd duck | gourdough's | chil'antro | best wurst | frietknot
on sunday we drove by la boite and gibson bar then ended up at austin java co.

flip happy was definitely most delicious.. although we didn't get to try any of the sweet crepes.. and the wait is a bit ridiculous.. the cuban and the spinach/goat cheese.. were well.. worth the wait.  plus some wewearthings blog readers spotted us here, so that was pretty cool.  home slice's white clam pizza was good, but it just wasn't flavorful enough to be considered great.  odd duck is definitely a must if in austin, the pork belly slider (we had 2) and the soft boiled duck egg with grits, excellent.  gourdough's on the other hand, was a bit disappointing, but it could have also been because i was already so full from odd duck, the donut consistency was good and the size enormous while the chicken was fine.  sixth street eating was excellent.  you can never go wrong with a brat and curry ketchup from best wurst, and our only korean fusion taco truck stop chil'antro exceeded all expectations. super delicious. the tacos were good, and was told that the burger was even better.  and we ended the night with some belgian fries with bacon aioli at frietknot, perfect crispy on the outside light and soft of the inside cooked fries. albeit maybe a tad salty. would've gone great with a cold beverage.. and sans the ridiculous conversation with the guy who asked if we were all chinese or japanese.


after eating...  lunch and dinner on saturday we headed off to take a look at lil bro trick's art exhibition before it ended.


hiero said...

aww this is great! Just caught up with 'no reservations' US heartland ep with austin in it too. Looks like Texas might finally be starting to become a food 'destination' instead of just a BBQ one! *thumbs up*

hiero said...

OH, and if we could just figure out how to get people to realize that Houston's on the cutting edge too!