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Aug 10, 2010

Same convo. it happens.

so this happened a couple of weeks ago.  i prove myself useful at work.

    me:  tomorrow they're drawing places for the work fantasy football league

seoxcookie:  are you playing?!
 me:  no.. i don't know anything.. haha.  but ceo and boss were both like issa has to draw names, i'm apparently good luck for them... i think i drew boss #1 and ceo #3 last year.. lol
seoxcookie:  lol
you are like the girl who signals races...
in short shorts
 me:  LOL
i am like the mascot. i help draw the numbers for our superbowl squares too
so much pressure
 seoxcookie:  so much adore
 me:  more like.. i sign ur paychecks, now gib me a good number!
OfficeBFF says (10:52 AM):
*you playing fantasy football this year?
issa says (10:52 AM):
*i just draw the names for them
OfficeBFF says (10:52 AM):
issa says (10:52 AM):
*so scary
OfficeBFF says (10:53 AM):
*so you're like the girl that gestures at the lottery balls?
issa says (10:53 AM):


platformshoesandwintercoat said...

i love fantasy football! played for the first time last year. it really is pretty easy to learn. fantasy baseball, however, is rather dull. even the guys are bored with it.

issa said...

yeah my coworkers srsly get into it, that sometimes i wanna feel included.. but it seems so time consuming at the same time... maybe one year!