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Jan 30, 2007

a weekend of surprises

The weekend started off with surprisingly nice weather.. finally, after almost 2 weeks of rain.. and then a 'surprise' birthday party for my mom... but it wasn't one of those where the lights are turned off and everyone hides behind a couch. it was more of a "surprise you're having a party tonight, expect 20 people to show up sporadically." which was fine, it was like a surprise each time the doorbell rang. dad cooked up a storm all day, i got off early and helped decorate and 'clean'.. only to sneak off back home before the mom got home. i'm sure she enjoyed herself.. even if it was a bit tiring.

saturday. me and the hubby ran around doing errands most of the day.. then spent the evening with friends. and what an interesting evening it was. it was a last minute gathering of good friends for dinner at our favorite sushi place.. oishii. then killed some time at d's place before everyone met back up to go out to Hue.. where the real fun began.


Senor Magnifico! said...

Someone needs to reveal the secrets of Saturday night