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Jan 5, 2007

NYE 2006

New Years Eve (aka me and the hubby's wedding anniversary... 3 years and going strong!). 3rd year is leather.. so the hubby got me a coach wallet to match the christmas present he got me :D
Sunday morning I woke up extra early along with the mother-in-law, to head out to Target for the hunt of 75% holiday things. And I was quite the lucky one to say the least, since not all the targets went 75% at the same time.

Dinner was spent with family at the parents house. Dad (aka Iron Chef) out did himself as usual, despite suffering from a case of the stomach flu. I really don't know how he could cook this meal, but at the same time probably be disgusted by it. We had escargot to start, followed by a delicious salad, then the main spread which include paella, stuffed pork loin, and rack of lamb.. it was a grand feast.

The rest of the night we entertained ourselves till midnight, by playing wii sports and karaoke revolutions... everyone got really into it too.. so it was a good choice.

Dinner close-ups: (Click on any of the pictures for a larger view)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and story! wish I was there! hehehe