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Jan 3, 2007

christmas past.

how sad it is when 'the most wonderful time of the year' passes.. but a new year begins... things have finally slowed down a bit around the house (though not at all at work) so i figured i'd better post a quick update from christmas... Say hello to the Family... and Hi Mom & Dad! (they read this too, even my dad told me i had been slow on updating)
Christmas eve was spent at my parents house where we were treated to a delicious homemade chinese dinner... and of course a few presents, as we waited up for midnight mass. renji especially loved his presents... too bad now he thinks every bag he sees must contain something for him.

Christmas dinner was at our house.. and we surprised everyone by serving up a turducken for the main course. it was actually quite good, but with 9 people over for dinner, we still had half of it leftover. it was huge! and for dessert i made tiramisu again to great avail! it ended up being a great christmas, spent with family.. exactly what the holidays are supposed to be about.

As for presents, the husband laughed about how i must really be miss domesticated diva because of the slew of domestic christmas gifts i received...
dutch oven martini setsenseo


Anonymous said...

I like your new pot!