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Oct 18, 2006

i have been bamBOOzled.

this bag of halloween treats was mysteriously placed in front of my doorstep monday morning by an anonymous neighbor. aparently they're starting a new tradition here on "wisteria lane" (which i affectionately call our neighborhood, because of the resemblence to the houses in the victorian/traditional style as shown on desperate housewives) . Enclosed was not only the treats, but a boo sign to display on my front door or window, and a poem mentioning that i had just been boo'd and to keep it going by passing 2 boo's to 2 neighbors who hadn't yet been boo'd. and in passing along these 2 new boo's while not getting caught.

After work i went to a few stores to gather some goodies, and had prepared my boo gifts. I had the plan of sneaking up to place the gifts on 2 neighbors doorsteps after 9pm. The hubby and I headed out the front door with renji (our cover) only to see that someone was outside.. i quickly disposed of the boo gifts on the porch and went to make small talk with said neighbor.. i think he suspected us for plotting something.. but what. we walked renji for a bit until the neighbor went back inside then went back to the mission. it was exciting and enthralling. reminded me of mission possible from college. the next morning i could see my boo gifts on their doorsteps, but by the afternoon one of them had been found, and the other remained untouched. possibly a little too camoflauged and hard to distinguish from their own halloween decor on the porch. but by this morning it was gone. happily found i hope. it made my day receiving that boo bag.. because i love geeky things like this. and i hope that i made 2 other peoples days.

::my boo gifts:: which included a pumpkin spice candle, autumn oven mit, and candies.


j etoile said...

that is awesome! one day i'll be as geeky as you. =)