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Oct 17, 2006

she beckons, and i oblige.

one of my little friends (no pun intended) insists that i update on my weekend since she was not present to experience it with me, because she was off with her man on a mini holiday in dc.. which is nice and all, except for the fact that my weekend had little excitement worth writing about. so here will be my mundane weekend update.
saturday. spent the morning doing not so much but awaitng dru's call, since we had planned to play since the hubby had a boys bbq/poker/ufc night at a coworkers place. when 2pm finally came around i decided to break down and give dru a call, only to get his voicemail. the thought had crossed my mind to leave a message stating, "if you don't call me back in 5 minutes our 7 year friendship is over." too bad i didnt. but he did call me back approximately 30 minutes later. so then his first words are "Where have you been??" and it played back the other way as well.. so it ended up being slight confusion on who was supposed to call who and a wasted morning for both.. after touching bases with each other. (not those bases) dru arrived with lil bro and we were off to memorial city.. in the hunt for awesome frames. unfortunately the hunt was not so good. and we pretty much headed back home of rest for a few hours prior to the what seemed to be spontaneous nightime outing.
saturnight. after a series of phone calls between me, linlin, and yen. it had been decided to meet up in midtown, between red door (linlin's club du jour) versus decco ('ol reliable)... along the way somehow linlin interpreted to me that she was only going out because yen said she wanted to go out, and when yen arrived she told me she was only going out because i had wanted to go out. strange things. anyways red door was ok for about 10 minutes. then it got boring. fast. 20 minutes later linlin arrived, 10 minutes after that yen left, 30 minutes after that me and dru left. but not without stopping into decco before leaving. and in decco there was the chung brothers and dancing. so it ended ok. and the dj played sexy back. (dru made me go up and request it).


MYSTERI BEAR!!! said...

You forgot to include how your hairstylin' got compliments. And how we missed out on the game room (UGH!)

she said...

awesome update! the lack of excitement makes for an exciting story in itself.

j etoile said...

if i was there your butt would be partying ALL the time. =)

issa said...

ack! jstar don't scare me yet.